Monica Alandete-Saez – Intellectual Property Analyst at PIPRA

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MSC Monica Alandete-Saez

Name: Monica Alandete-Saez Job: Intellectual Property Analyst at PIPRA Source: eLife [original post from June 2016] Excerpt: What did you love most about academic research? I loved the creative and talented atmosphere of the lab, and the excitement I felt before knowing the results … Continued

Franziska Sattler – Master’s Student

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MSC Franziska Sattler

Name: Franziska Sattler Job: 2nd year Master’s  student in Evolutionary  Biology, Biodiversity and Ecology Source: ScienceGrrl [original post from March 2016] Excerpt: I  started  my  work  as  an  intern  in  the  Museum  für  Naturkunde  (Natural  History   Museum)  Berlin  after  a  gap  year  in  London … Continued

Jenni Sanderson – Secondary School Science Teacher

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MSC Jenni Sanderson

Name: Jenni Sanderson Job: Secondary school teacher Source: eLife [original post from May 2016] Excerpt: You balanced your research with a number of educational, environmental and humanitarian projects. How important do you think extracurricular activities are for the careers of researchers?  I think it depends … Continued

Mary Poffenroth – Teacher of “megalectures”

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MSC Mary Poffenroth

Name: Mary Poffenroth Job: “Megalecture” teacher Source: Science [original post from January 2015] Excerpt: My liberation through science has brought me joy, frustration, excitement, and adventure. I have been shot at while doing fieldwork in the remote Warner Mountains of California (although the shooters were actually … Continued

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