Melanie Roberts – Director of Emerging Leaders in Science and Society Program

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Name: Melanie Roberts
Job: Director of Emerging Leaders in Science and Society Program hosted by AAAS
Source: Issue 1 of The Career Network Spyglass [original post]



I originally went to graduate school because I wanted to contribute to treatments for disease. For the first time, human embryonic stem cells could be grown in culture and I was excited to work on them. Soon after, in 2001,President Bush announced restrictions on stem cell research. First I thought, “How can THEY tell me what I can or cannot study?” Then it occurred to me, “Well, I guess I am paid by taxpayers… so who should decide

what to study?” As I began to explore the intersection of science and society, I became more convinced of the need for scientists and other scholars to engage in dialogue with both the public and policy makers, so that they can make better decisions about complex issues and so that scientists better understand how their work fits into the bigger picture.

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