We have been running MySciCareer as a side project and out of our own pocket for over a year. It doesn’t cost much at the moment, and we can keep it running, but we’d like to do more. We’d like to be able to prioritize updating MySciCareer over some of our other projects and update more often. We’d like to be able to connect with graduate departments and reach out to their students. We’ve had ideas for printed cards or flyers to be able to reach more people. That all costs time, and ultimately money (for printing, additional site hosting, local travel, etc.)

We’ve received a lot of positive comments from readers of MySciCareer since we launched in early 2014. We know that you’ve sent people to the site, you’ve talked about us at seminars, and shared our content online. Now we’ve made it possible to express your support in a different way.

With the button below, you can support MySciCareer with a small one-time donation of your choice. We will initially use any funds collected this way to go toward costs already incurred on behalf of MySciCareer in 2015. Any additional funds will go toward the realization of some of our planned activities, such as producing print materials for graduate departments.

You can also contact us directly to inquire about other possibilities to support or work with MySciCareer.

We appreciate your support very much! Thanks to you, everyone will be able to continue to use MySciCareer to navigate career options for scientists.

Lou and Eva