Vicki Ronaldson – Clinical Research Scientist

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Name: Vicki Ronaldson Job: Clinical Research Scientist Source: BitesizeBio [original post from May 2011] Excerpt:    I would say my chemistry background and synthesis-based PhD has helped in my understanding of pharmaceutics and with the laboratory/manufacturing work. Having a broad interest in science has also … Continued

Laura DeMare – Assistant Editor

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Name: Laura DeMare Job: Assistant Editor at Genome Research Source: Issue 4 of the Career Network Spyglass [original post from April 2012] Excerpt:   I realized that I enjoyed writing and reviewing manuscripts, research highlights, grant proposals, and fellowship applications, as well as preparing posters … Continued

Michael Belliveau – Patent Attorney

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Name: Michael Belliveau Job: Patent Attorney Source: The Node [original post from May 2011] Excerpt: It was 1998 when I was transitioning from science to law. At that time, universities were not particularly supportive of their graduates pursuing “alternative careers.” There were no panel discussions … Continued

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