Alan Whitmore – CEO

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Alan Whitmore - CEO
Name: Alan Whitmore
Job: CEO Lumemed Ltd; Director of Research, e-Therapeutics PLC; family doctor Northumberland.
Source: Soapbox Science [original post from April 2012]


Despite the 70 or 80 hour 7 day a week non-stop working pattern, involving endless hours on the road, on planes, away from home, sleepless nights on call, heart-in mouth medical emergencies, hours negotiating deals, uncertainty, overdrafts, technical challenges, heart rending moments when you have to leave home yet again while your wife and children wave goodbye and countless other stresses; despite all that characterizes the reality of juggling a struggling startup, the challenges of being the Director of Research of a publicly listed company, the social, emotional, moral and regulatory demands of being a family doctor and those of having a young family, the freedom and creative opportunity are exhilarating. It seems that so far I can hack it.

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