Alessandro Bernardi – Social Media Scientist

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Name: Alessandro Bernardi
Job: Social Media Scientist
Source: The Alter-natives [original post from December 2015]



I started being mentally stressed; a sense of uncertainty about the future growing over time. I was sacrificing my personal life and I felt frustrated by the impossibility to communicate about my “weird job” with the people I loved.  It was very hard to disconnect mentally; I constantly focused on my project: no Saturdays, no Sundays, obsessed with my experiments even while running in Park Güell on Sunday mornings. I realized that research for me was more of an obsession than a passion. During the PhD, I was in the “safe box”: I could decide about my collaborations and projects. But I knew it was not common to find such a stimulating environment and open-minded boss as my career progressed.


My job as a social media scientist consists of analysing the big data generated by social media platforms in order to optimize the performance of the brands that advertise on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Previously, this kind of analysis was done with no clear criteria, just based on personal feelings or intuition. It was natural for me to apply an approach based on the scientific method and basic statistical skills… It turned out that I was one of the very few social media specialists in Barcelona with such a scientific background. And it worked out!

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