Alom Shaha – Science Educator

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Alom Shaha - science educator
Name: Alom Shaha
Job: Physics teacher, writer, and filmmaker
Source: Soapbox Science [original post from April 2012]


I never intended to be a Physics teacher. It was not something I ever considered as a student. I had a miserable time at university, and ended my time there disillusioned with the world of Physics and pretty much everything else. But the summer after I graduated, I went to work at Camp Homeward Bound, a program for homeless and disadvantaged children from New York, run by the Coalition for the Homeless. Within hours of arriving at the camp, the director said to me, ‘I see you have a physics degree — great, you can teach science.’ A few days later, I was standing in front of a bunch of children in a wooden shack in the middle of a forest, teaching my first science lesson. I don’t remember exactly what it was about — it was something simple and fun, involving magnets, or soap bubbles — but I do remember that the first time I stood up in front of a group of children as their ‘teacher,’ it immediately felt right.

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