Amanda Ullman – Science Conference Organiser

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Amanda Ullman - science conference organiser
Name: Amanda Ullman
Job: Science conference organiser
Source: Soapbox Science [original post from April 2012]


At the New York Academy of Sciences, I work with a team of scientists to help shape the Academy’s agenda of scientific conferences. I find it both challenging and exciting as I need to quickly learn about fields I am not an expert in. It’s somewhat analogous to preparing for journal club with fundraising and organizational aspects superimposed onto it.

In this role, I enjoy a broad understanding of current research across the biological sciences, as opposed to having a very esoteric perspective at the bench. It is really intellectually satiating! It is also provides a great opportunity to liaise with those in academia, industry, government and at other scientific organizations. It is wonderful to think and talk about science without the pressures that accompany lifting a pipette. I did not, however, escape grant writing – I still submit grants, but I do not find the process nearly as stressful as submitting a fellowship application.

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