Anna Sharman – Scientific publishing consultant

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MSC Anna Sharman

Name: Anna Sharman
Job: Founder and Director of Cofactor Ltd
Source: Vitae [original post from 2015]


In that first six months I wondered about applying for jobs back in research, but it didn’t take long for me to be sure I wanted to stay out of the lab for good. In editing I got job satisfaction every day with an article edited, a new issue coming out, or an agreement from an invited author. I had an excellent manager. Most of the editor jobs were in London, where I wanted to live, and it seemed clear that getting other publishing jobs would be easier than getting a research job.


So the temporary editor job led to a permanent editor job for another journal in the same publisher, and then to one with another publisher, where I stayed five years and rose to senior editor. I then decided to go freelance, and in 2014 I set up my company, Cofactor. 

Read the rest at Vitae.

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