Desirée Stanley – Science Curriculum Designer

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Name: Desirée Stanley
Job: Science Curriculum Designer
Source: Beyond Academia



When I looked into it, I found that a PhD just isn’t necessary for most of the jobs I was interested in. There are many people working in professions like curriculum design and science writing who do have science PhDs, but I found that for many positions, a master’s degree was sufficient. Once I knew that, it was hard for me justify staying in grad school for 3-4 more years, when I could leave with an M.S. degree and start the next part of my career immediately.


I think the science outreach I did in grad school helped make me competitive for this position. I did a fair amount of volunteer teaching through UCSF’s Science and Health Partnership program. I also wrote for Science’s Science in the Classroom project. Having those experiences on my resume showed the company that I could communicate science to non-scientists. Also, I think having these other experience over several years showed that I had been thinking about applying my skills outside the lab – that my interest in science education wasn’t a sudden whim.

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