Jean Adams – Lecturer

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Name: Jean Adams
Job: Lecturer
Source: Fuse Open Science blog [original post from July 2013]


Research is something that takes time and effort (and blood, sweat and tears). It’s hard not to get pretty wrapped up your research, to become attached to it. When you write about it or present it you lay out your baby in front of someone else for them to do what they will with it. It’s pretty scary at the best of times. Somehow I’m finding it a whole lot harder doing it via the medium of someone else.

Moving on from the sharp end isn’t just about shifting my responsibility from doing research to managing other people to do research though. I am also becoming responsible for other’s people careers and futures and progression. I wouldn’t want to overplay this. Genuinely, I think you’ve got to take responsibility for your own career. Other people can help you (and hinder you), but you’re the one in charge.

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