John Hammersley – Technology startup

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John Hammersley - technology startup
Name: John Hammersley
Job: Technology startup
Source: Bethnal Green Ventures blog [original post from August 2013]


I think my PhD was fairly typical — I wrote three papers, which went on to form the bulk of my thesis, and gave various talks and seminars on my research. I recently dug out my first talk to use as an example of how to create a presentation in LaTeX (although it has far too many slides, and far too many words per slide!)

By the end of my PhD, however, I had decided academia wasn’t for me — there were so many papers being published in my field every day (all available on the arXiv) that I couldn’t see how I could make a difference. I realised that being able to see the real-world outcomes of my work was one of my main motivations, and so I left academia to look for an opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology.

Read the rest at Bethnal Green Ventures.

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