Julian Huppert – Member of Parliament

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Julian Huppert - MP
Name: Julian Huppert
Job: Member of Parliament (UK)
Source: Soapbox Science [original post from April 2012]


I have been interested in politics since I was 13 – initially, in international affairs and human rights. While at university, I ran a student campaign for the general election and for eight years I represented Cambridge as a county councillor and leader of the Lib Dem group. I was elected to the Cambridge Parliamentary seat in 2010. It was a deliberate choice – though also rather serendipitous – and being MP for Cambridge is a fantastic job in a wonderful city. So far I’m enjoying it – mostly.


We need more people with a scientific background in Parliament; there are very few MPs who have any sound scientific knowledge. I would encourage other scientists considering a political career to do so. Formulating policy based on hard scientific evidence rather than just on gut beliefs is how it should be done.

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