Kat Arney – Science Writer

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Kat Arney - science writer
Name: Kat Arney
Job: Science Writer
Source: British Science Association [original post from 2014]


I work within the press office at Cancer Research UK, so we’re often driven by the news agenda. I might be writing a post for our blog about an over-hyped cancer story in the media, speaking to supporters, briefing a journalist about a breaking story, editing audio for our podcast, heading off to the TV studios for an interview, reading scientific papers, planning or delivering media training for our scientists, or sitting in a meeting about our new website – and more. And then when I get home in the evening, I could be working on my monthly Naked Genetics monthly podcast, writing a freelance article for various outlets, preparing for recording for a Radio 4 documentary, or working on a book about how genes work, which I’ve just started writing.

Read the rest at the British Science Association.

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