Lauren Donaldson – Medical Writer

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Name: Lauren Donaldson
Job: Medical Writer
Source: BitesizeBio [original post from July 2011]



My year at Pfizer was definitely one of the biggest influences on my career. Suddenly the reason for all those hours in the undergraduate laboratory made sense and I could see the value of my subject to a practical and worthwhile purpose. I also got a great understanding of the workings of the pharmaceutical industry and gained valuable experience working in a professional team environment.


I think one of the best opportunities I had during my PhD was to write my first manuscript alongside my supervisor. We literally sat in her office and wrote each word together and that really helped me foster the attention to detail necessary for writing scientific documents.  She was also a very thorough reviewer, which helped me build up one of the key skills necessary for medical writing – the ability to deal with lots of red pen!

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