Marcus Hanwell – Open Science Software Developer

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Name: Marcus Hanwell
Job: Open Science Software Developer
Source: [original post from August 2014]



In the final year of my PhD, I decided that I wanted to go beyond packaging and write some original code to solve a problem I had. I knew about the Google Summer of Code program, talked to my supervisor, and agreed I would apply and spend the summer writing code if accepted. I found a project under the KDE umbrella to develop a molecular editor, it was absolutely perfect and just what I was hoping to do—actually edit molecules on Linux, visualize their structure, and save them out for later use. I applied and was overjoyed to be accepted—this was a very pivotal moment for me when I was exposed to people doing this in their spare time, and others doing it professionally. I think this is where I realized I was more passionate about improving the tools for scientists to collect, store, search, analyze, and visualize their data than I was about doing scientific research

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