Mary Poffenroth – Teacher of “megalectures”

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MSC Mary Poffenroth

Name: Mary Poffenroth
Job: “Megalecture” teacher
Source: Science [original post from January 2015]


My liberation through science has brought me joy, frustration, excitement, and adventure. I have been shot at while doing fieldwork in the remote Warner Mountains of California (although the shooters were actually aiming for quail). I’ve had wine with former Vice President Al Gore and dinner with nature activist Paul Watson. I have eaten my weight in olives along the coast of Spain while writing a book. I’ve stepped over cobras in Marrakech, Morocco, and looked out over the Adriatic Sea during a cyclone in Croatia. Science made all that possible.Today, my job is to get people excited about science. I specialize in teaching nonmajor courses, in megalecture classes with several hundred students per section. My class may be one of few opportunities they have in their lives to learn about such vital topics as global climate change, sustainability, and human biology. In a single year, I can reach nearly 2000 students.

Read the rest at Science.

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