Stephane Budel – Founding Partner at DeciBio (Consulting)

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Name: Stephane Budel
Job: Founding Partner at DeciBio (consultancy)
Source: The Career Network Spyglass [Issue 3]




As a PhD student, I joined a vibrant, large and well-funded lab. These big labs tend to attract like-minded driven and independent people, who don’t feel the need for daily interaction with their PI and prefer not to be micromanaged. I enjoyed working with the people in the lab during my rotation, but didn’t realize that part of that excitement came from their entrepreneurial aspirations. I got to know a few of them extremely well, and actually

started my first company with two other grad students in the lab. This experience convinced me that there are many different opportunities to pursue intellectually stimulating activities outside of academia. Basic research was too slow paced for my taste, so I applied for a short summer internship at BCG (Boston Consulting Group) called “the bridge”. On day one of that program, I knew consulting was right for me.


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