Tim Wadkins – Beverage Scientist

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Tim Wadkins - beverage scientist
Name: Tim Wadkins
Job: Beverage Scientist
Source: Bitesize Bio [original post from March 2011]


My most recent job was a short stint in winemaking during the last (2010) harvest season, and, prior to that, I was ‘Director of Quality Assurance’ at Victory Brewing Co. As far as job responsibilities go, the daily tasks tend to vary widely. The scientific aspects of the job include microbial testing of the product, monitoring of fermentation (specific gravity, temperature, etc.) and performing chemical tests to determine that the product is up to specification. Yeast strain maintenance, both in the laboratory and in the plant for production use is a critical role, as you can imagine. Sensory evaluation (taste, smell, visual) is also particularly important for ensuring the product is developing the way that it should throughout the production process – and also for final product release to the consumer. And, finally, acting as the customer interface for any product questions, complaints etc. that may arise, is a pretty standard part of the job.

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