Trish Groves – Deputy Editor at medical journal

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Trish Groves - Deputy Editor at medical journal
Name: Trish Groves
Job: Deputy Editor at BMJ
Source: The Publication Plan [original interview from May 2009]


I was heading for a life as a consultant psychiatrist, via medical school at the Royal Free in London and then postgraduate training in psychiatry in London and Berkshire. But I always had a passion for communication, and while studying for MRCPsych I co-wrote a book for patients and relatives: the HarperCollins Consumer Guide to Psychiatry. Then, while looking in the BMJ’s classified ads for the consultant training scheme I wanted in Oxford, I spotted an ad to spend a year at the BMJ learning about writing, editing, and peer review. I thought “sounds great, and it’s only for a year”. That was 20 years ago. Since then I’ve headed every section of the journal at one time or another, and the work and the people have made it a very hard place to leave.

Read the rest at The Publication Plan.

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